We at Your English Tutor @ SG are dedicated, experienced, and results-proven. And many of our Tutors have many years of teaching experience individually. Some of us come equipped with varied industry experience. Which is a value-add to you or your child.

How so?

We bring the experience of working with a wide variety of Englishes.  Different industries require different types of English. Technical English is an entirely different creature from Literary English. Or even the English used for academic journals.

Look at the newspaper headlines. Does the sentence structure, at times, make any sense to you? Or even appear grammatical? It is similar to the English used in advertisements.  For effective/effectual written communication — re: Business English — fifteen words is the maximum per sentence.

Besides, we guarantee results — just like everybody else 🙂 But we are confident enough to guarantee half of your money back if otherwise.

Above all, we both help each other along the journey to reach YOUR goal 🙂

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